Suppose you are hoping to renovate a room or switching the layout of your home. If you are looking for interior design ideas, you will be glad to know that there are interior design apps for your convenience.

Before experimenting with new furniture, you can look up to the apps and decide what step to take.

You can have tons of options to choose from, and also there are options to connect with professionals who are ready to provide their services anytime.

Best Interior Design Apps

If you think which app should you use for interior design, we can help you out. Some of the best apps for interior design have been mentioned for your convenience.

  • Pinterest

 In the case of collection and various topics, Pinterest is the most enriched app. You can find home designs, architectural ideas, furniture ideas, and so many things.

Most of the photos you see about interior design on various social platforms are collected from Pinterest. You don’t have to pay to get ideas from Pinterest. It’s free of cost!

  • Houzz

This app is massively popular because it is dedicated to designing. You will find more than 20 million ideas about interior design here.

Also, you can collaborate with professionals using this app. There are more than 2.5 million home improvement professionals that you can connect with.

This app also has its newsletter, where they provide informative articles, exciting home tours, and decorating tips. This app is also free of cost.

  • Homestyler

 An app that offers a 3D home décor tool with interior design ideas. You can create home decor projects with this app and share them with your friends and family.

The community is constructive. They can inquire about your ideas and get feedback from the community.

Users can also build a profile here and have followers. The best part of this app is that you can virtually decorate your home using this app using Augmented Reality.

Decorator: Decorator can be used to place various furniture within your home virtually. Later if you like them, you can also purchase them through this app.

The user takes a picture of his space, and this app helps to decorate with various options. They also have an active community.

Magicplan: With this app, you can instantly create floor plans and share them with your friends and family. This app can generate field plans, field reports within just a few seconds.

 You can sketch interior plans both in 3D and 2D. The reporting in this app is very detailed.

Adding photos, 360-degree images, and marking structures are easy. It gives a hand-on experience of interior design.

Elements of Interior Design

Before starting designing with an interior design app, users should know the basics of interior design. There are seven essential elements of interior design that are regarded as principles.

  • Color

 The entire mood of a room is influenced by the color you choose. Colors have their identifications. Green is considered a soothing color, whereas red is intense.

  • Form

 The shape of the objects is called a form. There are two kinds of forms, geometric forms, and organic forms.

  • Light

Did it ever occur to you that if the lighting been a bit better, you could have taken a great picture. That is the essence of illumination.

  • Line

 The outline of the room’s objectsroom’s objects and how they are arranged is also an essential part of interior design.

  • Pattern

When various objects are repeatedly arranged in a specific form then it is called a pattern.

  • Texture

Texture mainly focuses on how the object feels by observing the object. It can be “vintage” or like “glossy.”

  • Space

There are two kinds of space, 2D space, and 3D space. There should be adequate space between the objects to navigate fluently.

Interior Designing Consultation

Do you think it would be better if you consult with a professional for your interior design? Then you should follow some steps to get a better outcome.

  • Determine what you want
  • Finalize the budget
  • Decide your preference
  • Give priority to habits
  • Have an open mind

Consulting with a professional can bring out the best of you. Though they might be costly and can be hard to understand.

But you can have free interior designing consultation here  at Interior Designer Aucland  24 hours a day.

What Interior Designers Should Know?

The way to become an exceptional interior designer is not easy. You can receive a lot of compliments for your designing sense and choice of colors.

But other than that, you need to have harmony and balance in your decoration. With a lot of experience and efforts, you can become a skillful interior designer.

Interior decorators and interior designers are not the same things. Though you may decorate well, that does not mean you are a good interior designer.

Interior designing requires technical skills and familiarity with design tools. An interior designer should know all the sectors related to interior design.

An interior designer should take inspiration from all or any source he finds. Most of the starters have a linear view of things. Designers should embrace diverse ideas.

Interior Designer should know the 60 30 10 rule, which indicates that 60% of a room should have a dominant color. 30 % of the room should have texture, and 10% should be accepted.

Finding Your Decorating Style

The more you explore, the more you can learn about which style you want to choose. You should keep looking for ideas and inspirations.

You can browse magazines daily for ideas about interior design. Look into the national and international magazines for a better idea and trending and what makes you enthusiastic.

You can also pay attention to your favorite colors and clothes. Exemplify your colors into the texture of your home and decide whether it is preferable or not.

Sometimes the exterior of a house can give useful indications about its decoration. You can draw fine lines by this method.

Popular Interior Design Styles

Over the years, interior designing styles have changed a lot. Now there are a lot of designing concepts that are in existence. Some of them are mentioned here.

  • Minimalistic

 It is the most popular designing concept nowadays. It is purely about simplification with a modern flavor in it. It encourages us to use things that are only necessary.

  • Modern

 Using materials, metal glass, and steel are vastly seen here. The style is sleek and straightforward. The lines here are very crisp and tight.

  • Contemporary

 Contemporary designing is fluid and one which does not adhere to a particular style.

  • Industrial

 This design brings about the raw nature of the materials. Things generally used in this pattern are old timber, high ceilings, and working stuff.


Therefore, we hope you got a clear idea about the interior design apps and what to know about it.

In using an interior design app, the users should be careful about the building codes and regulations, whether it is on residential, commercial, or other types of structures.

Designing should flourish under the supervision of practical aspects. So, concentrate on it properly, and you’ll notice the progress!

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