Planning to get your home designed by a professional? It’s definitely a smart choice. However, a few concerns may strike your mind.

Looking at the pictures of professionally designed homes online, it may seem costly. Again, watching the DIY tutorials and 30-minute home transformation videos on youtube, you may feel it’s easy to figure out the interior design cost.

However, behind the curtains, interior design cost depends on some crucial factors. If you are skeptical about how much do interior designers charge, we have done all the research to give you some insight. Keep reading to find out! 

Is It Worth It To Hire An Interior Designer?

It’s a common misconception that interior designers end up taking a large percentage from your overall budget.

 Instead, you will be surprised to know that hiring an interior designer can save your money, right? Well, it is true.

An interior designer will give you better deals of furniture, fixtures, appliances, and even decor, preventing you from making costly mistakes.

Besides, a good interior designer does know how to allocate your funds, particularly when you have a limited budget.

So, Whether you are designing your home or renovating, the smartest thing you can do is – hire an interior designer. You will get to see the difference when it comes to selling your house.

How Much Do Interior Designers Charge?

Well, it is challenging to come up with a general estimation or a standard cost. The designer’s cost varies considerably based on the level of service you want, the project’s scale and scope, and her expertise.

Typically, an interior designer’s charge varies from $2000 to $5000. It’s a wide range. Nevertheless, the cost will also depend on how the designer charges.

Some Basic Questions To Ask Yourself

You might consider yourself asking some questions before hiring an interior designer. It will help determine interior design cost and how much do interior designers charge.

  • How much is your budget

Budgets are a major driving factor for a project, no matter how small it is. Knowing your budget beforehand will help the designer do her best and not exceed it.

  • What’s your interior design style

Well, it’s all about how you want your home to be. Interior designers will work according to your preference to make your ordinary-looking home extraordinary!

  • What’s the scope of the project and size of your space

Are you thinking of renovating your whole house? Or designing a new home?

Or revamp your living room space with unique decor and paint color? And what is the size of your space?

If you know all this information beforehand, you may estimate the interior design cost by yourself and get an idea of how much an interior designer will charge.

How The Interior Designers Charge For Their Services?

An interior designer’s work requires creativity, skill, expertise, and experience.

So, don’t make the mistake of thinking that the designer would take a lump sum amount. There are different ways a designer can charge.

  • Flat Rate

In this way, the designer will state a flat fee assessing the project size and your expectations. The designer quote will clearly state what are the inclusions within the fee and if it covers revisions.

The benefit you will get from this fee structure is that you will know the total cost upfront and enjoy the whole process remaining stress-free!

  • Per Square Foot

The per square foot rate allows the designer to charge you at a fixed rate for each square foot.

Although clients prefer commercial projects, you may want to choose this structure if you are designing your new home.

  • Hourly Rate

The hourly rate is the most common fee structure which has been in practice for years.

In this method, the designer charges for the hours she spent on the project. If you just want to revamp your living space, this payment method is a good option.

  • Commission and percentage

Now, it is the most popular fee structure, and it’s most suitable for residential projects.

The designer calculates the projects’ overall cost, including the products and services, and charges you with a percentage that can be as low as 2% up to 30% or higher.

What Is The Average Cost Of Interior Design?

Typically an interior designer charges from $2000 to $5000, excluding the decor and furniture. However, the fees differ on how designers charge.

On average, interior designers charge $50 to $200 per hour or even more – hourly rate. $5 to $15 – per square foot rate. 10-40% on markup materials – commission or percentage.

 Whichever your fee structure is, it is a wide range, and it’s difficult to tell how much your project will cost.

Need Consultation?

Once you have concluded- Yes, my house needs remodeling or a complete renovation, you may start having a headache because it’s a lot of work! Don’t take all the stress by yourself and let an expert help you out.

The best thing you can do is to consult with an interior designer. Discuss all your preferences and the extent of service you want.

Most interior design firms now provide consultation online. However, the discussion isn’t free. Design firms charge an hourly rate for that, and it varies depending on their expertise.

If you are still at a loss, well, you can get a free consultation as well! Visit Interior Design Auckland to get a free consultation.


The thought of hiring an interior designer can be intimidating.

Renovating or remodeling your home takes not only your money but also time and energy. We want you to get into the interior design project of your home prepared and informed.

In this article, we tried to give you a full account of how much do interior designers charge. Check this out and make your home a better place!

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